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Timings - Batch I - 8:30am to 10.30 am, Batch II - 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, Monday to Friday
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Smt. B. R. Shah Activity Center

Twinkling Angels

Twinkling Angels Play School is a vibrant learning Playschool where toddlers are provided quality education that has breadth, depth, and opportunity and is holistic in its preparation for Pre-primary and Primary school.  It provides quality care and education that stimulates learning in all areas of development. The opportunity, horizon of 21st Century truly is boundless. Teaching in this century offers opportunities and challenges never considered a generation ago.

Teachers blend, meaningful learning experiences, developmentally appropriate programmes and nurturing atmosphere to create a safe and creative learning environment at Twinkling Angels play School. Spread in a sprawling area of 4000 Sq. feet a virtue in itself in city like Mumbai makes it possible to maximize each child’s potentiality in a multisensory and varied learning style approach. A special amphitheater provides children to be themselves and express themselves. 

Children are respected at Twinkling Angels. They learn and develop in natural ways – by playing and interacting with teachers and peers. Through this play children engage, explore and create. They make sense of their own world, learn about themselves, gain self-confidence and self-control, problem solve and understand and express feelings.

Learning is experienced through a range of activities and celebrations. Celebration of Festivals, Field Trips to Health Center & Water Play with Jacuzzi, Marubai Temple, Pandal Hopping for Durga Puja, Nature Walk at Five Gardens, Flower Market, Aquarium, Five Gardens, Bird Park, Bakery, Fruit and Vegetable vendor, Cobbler, Meson and many more. . . .

The focus, as always, is the pursuit of excellence, equity and opportunity sourced from a variety of avenues.

The staff has continued to work collaboratively to further refine their pedagogy, empowering their capacity to respond to the complex needs of our diverse and demanding school children and parents.

Special Activities for which Twinkling Angels is having its fame are Grand Parents Day, Siblings Day, Camp Fire and barbecue, Sports Day, Annual Concert, Donuts with Dad, Pyjama Party, Family Day, Muffin and coffee morning for parents, Haldi Kum Kum, Sports Day and Bal Mela. Workshops and Spiritual talks for parents were conducted all through the year on topics like Creative Activities for Children, Music and Movement. Competitions likepaper bag decoration, Matki Decoration are organized for parents.

Twinkling Angels values creativity and team building skills, as reflected in the rich and extensive range of activities and initiatives Toddlers are encouraged to embrace the challenges of learning as sustenance for their minds, bodies and spirits. They are immersed in an environment that promotes the values of our culture.

Teachers Attended Conference and seminars at National Level to update themselves with current scenario.

Thus Parent involvement with exposure to activities catering to all round development of the child is a Key to our success. We strive to create a family like center where learning and nurturing of home and school blends together.

Goals of Twinkling Angels:

  1. To foster overall development of the child.
  2. To inculcate value based and culture based learning.
  3. To co-ordinate traditional values and technology.
  4. To expose children to various learning environments.
  5. To foster firsthand learning experiences for children.
  6. Encourage children to develop positive self – esteem.
  7. Encourage teaching with multisensory and varied learning style approach.
  8. Foster joy and love in child’s heart for learning and school.
  9. To recognize each child as an individual and encourage co-operation and sharing.
  10. To encourage problem solving and patience through independent thinking.
  11. To work in partnership with the child’s parents to promote growth and development of child.
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